Wrastlin is a sermon series by Pastor Ed Young.

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  • Battle of the Brothers - June 13, 2021

    Every day, whether we realize it or not, we are all facing a fight. We’re thrust into the ring and forced to engage in a wrestling match we cannot avoid. The great news is that we do not have to fight alone. In this message, we will begin to look at the life of one of the most prominent fighters ...

  • The Ladder Match - June 20, 2021

    Jacob’s Ladder...it’s one of the most famous dreams in history. Yet, while it may be something we have all heard of, its implications and influence span the gap of time and reach further than we may have imagined. In this message, we are going to look at how Jacob’s Ladder isn’t just a famous sto...

  • WWE (Wrestling with Eternity) - June 27, 2021

    Jacob, the Old Testament patriarch, lived a life full of fights and chock-full of conflict. In this message, as we continue tracking his life, we come to perhaps the most famous wrestling match of all time. But what does this match have to do with us today? We will be shown something we may have ...

  • Our Blessed Opponent - July 4, 2021

    As we have discovered throughout this series, every one of us is in a battle, a fight. But who are we really fighting? In this final message of the series, we’ll learn who our true opponent is. Because no matter who or what we think we are facing in the ring of life, there’s something bigger that...