Adult Children

Adult Children

Adult Children is a sermon series by Pastor Ed Young.

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Adult Children
  • Baggage - November 10, 2019

    Every time we take a trip, we pack our bags and load up our luggage. When we arrive back home, we empty the bags and put them away. But how often in life do we refuse to put the ‘baggage’ away? The fact is, too often, we carry baggage from our past that weighs us down and keeps us from experienci...

  • The Will-Barrow - November 17, 2019

    Life comes with baggage. Some of the baggage is emotional. Some is relational. Some may be spiritual. But no matter what the baggage looks like, we all have some. Why we carry it and how we carry it may vary. But we all carry it.

    In this message, Pastor Ed Young helps us take a look at the bagga...

  • Dive Deep - November 24, 2019

    At one point or another, we have all dissed God's function for our lives. Thus, we all have a level of dysfunction in our lives. However, to get the most out of the life God has given us, we must do more than recognize the effects of our dysfunction.

    In this message, Pastor Ed Young helps us div...

  • Take Out the Trash - December 1, 2019

    When it comes to dysfunction and character defects, we all deal with them. They infiltrate our lives at a young age, only to manifest themselves years later. Too often, we reserve ourselves to the fact that we just have to deal with them. But God has something better for us!

    In this message, Pas...

  • Unleashed - December 8, 2019

    God wants all of us to experience a life free from the collateral damage caused by unforgiveness. Yet, so often, we resign to being tethered to anger and resentment because of what happened in our past.

    In this message, Pastor Ed Young unpacks the power of being unleashed and shows us how the un...